Shoutcast directory listing is not free anymore but we provide it for you!

Shoutcast directory listing is not free anymore but we provide it for you!

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Recently, Shoutcast directory listing is not free anymore. From the past, creating an authhash was quite simple. But if you try it now, you will be redirected to SHOUTcast website instead of Radionomy (RMO). They will be offering you paid services to list your radio station in the shoutcast directory. 


Radionomy bought Shoutcast


This recent development is due to the fact that Radionomy, a Belgian company bought Shoutcast and Winamp sometime in 2014. But their decision to make the directory listing private for paid users only is probably just this year. As long as you have a plan from them, your Azuracast radio station can advertise to YP Directories (Public Station), better known as the Shoutcast directory listing.


Internet Radio Cast on VPS provides the Shoutcast directory listing for you


Alternatively, Internet Radio Cast on VPS can advertise multiple radio stations but for our VIP Reseller packages only. When buying a Custom reseller plan, optionally choose yes on the radio button option. And you can now avail the listing for just $15 month. You will have 5-7 stations with a valid authhash for your SHOUTcast directory listing for each station. You can actually save around $50+ per month for listing individual stations!


We are happy to provide you 2 additional VPS providers from Vultr and UpCloud!

We are happy to provide you 2 additional VPS providers from Vultr and UpCloud!

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Our Company is growing and increasing clients from around the world. And because of that, we expand our capabilities of providing remote servers to different continents. Specifically, Vultr will be providing Australian cloud servers for our Australian and New Zealand clients. And while we plan to use UpCloud to focus on the European market.


According to them, it’s the world’s fastest cloud servers. We can’t deny it to the fact that indeed their servers are fast and reliable. Installed with Azuracast, your radio station will definitely be more faster and reliable than any traditional streaming servers. Of course, the prices will stay the same. Starting at $15/month, you will have up to 320kbps audio bitrate, unlimited listeners and 25GB autodj space. Try it now and don’t miss the opportunity!


Currently, it’s our only cloud server that offers Australian data server location. And because of it, we are able to provide internet radio stations for our Australian clients and nearby countries. At the same price, you will benefit exactly the same high quality bitrate and unlimited listeners. Once again, grab the opportunity!


With these additional cloud service providers, we are now confident enough to provide our clients the most reliable servers. And the availability of these servers are just a click of the button. Additionally, our WordPress hosting services also benefits with these new providers. As we can expand the locations of our web hosting too. In no time, we will create and configure your internet radio streaming servers and/or web hosting servers immediately after your order has been completed!

Your Radio Streaming Provider

Your Radio Streaming Provider

Your Radio Streaming Provider

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Our company has become one of the most competitive radio streaming providers in the market today!

Modern feel AzuraCast panel

Faster Nginx Server

All high end quality stations

Inexpensive price

SSL and CDN protected streaming servers

Invaluable support team

So how do we differ from traditional competitors?

Prior to this business, we developed WordPress web sites and web players for radio stations around the world. Until such time, we decided to open up our own web development company. We then focused on creating and managing WordPress web sites. Eventually, we decided to expand our business as a radio streaming provider. Because most of our first few clients are radio station owners. In order to value our customers, we offer them inexpensive, high end quality radio streaming servers at a lower prices!

Firstly, the Azuracast Control Panel

Azuracast is progressive in redefining its interface to adapt to the technology surrounding it. Unlike their competition, whose control panels are quite outdated already. The modern feel Azuracast has continuously evolved to make it even more simple and easy to use. With the modern feel and easy navigation control panel, Azuracast will be fun to operate with.

Secondly, we are a radio streaming provider of faster and reliable servers

During the release of Docker last 2013, engineers of Azuracast gradually embraced this awesome technology. Eventually, Azuracast becomes a much faster and more reliable Docker installed Nginx server.

Comparatively, other radio providers, update their servers longer. In fact, at some cases it would take hours and/or even days, if problem exist. Unlike with Azuracast, updates will just take in less than a few minutes. For the most part, you won’t worry too much at all!

In particular, we are a radio station provider of HIGH END STATIONS

Here at Internet Radio Cast on VPS, we are not limiting our customers. In particular, audio bitrate and listeners limitation by default will be user-based. Even radio stations start with an SSD storage space at 25GB. So as long as the servers can handle such traffic and requirements. With all these features at very low price, the company almost gives it to you for FREE! To emphasize, all plans are high end but at low prices.


By default, all our stations are configured with SSL certification and Cloud distribution network (CDN). Therefore, it provides our customers with the utmost server security and reliability. Surprisingly, we don’t charge extra. In fact, renewal of security certificates is automatic. You won’t notice any downtime related to this issue at all.


As a radio streaming provider, we understand your budget needs. So for this reason, our company only offer 2 VIP plans. A price of $15/month and $20/month respectively.

Above all, Invaluable customer support

Here at our company, we strive hard to do our best. In fact, some of our customers gave us positive recommendations in our Facebook page. Generally speaking, our goal is to make our customers satisfied at all time. By all means, we won’t ignore their request. Making sure that we will reply to all their inquiries. For instance, our customers can easily relay their problems by submitting a ticket. Furthermore, we response to them as soon as possible.

In conclusion

As you can see the table, the comparison is a no brainer. Certainly, our streaming servers are far beyond advantageous than most traditional streaming providers.

Traditional Competitors
Shared server with up to 200 users
Slower Apache Server
none SSL streaming URLs
Offers low quality stations
Archaic design Centova Cast
Google maps stat for listeners was removed
Our VPS radio streaming server
Dedicated cloud server per 1 user or 2-3 max
Faster Nginx Server
SSL and CDN protected streaming URLS
Decent price
All high quality stations
Modern feel Azuracast
With built-in maps for listerners stats

CentovaCast panel

AzuraCast panel

To put it another way, we are now in the future of streaming radio servers. So take a leap now, and transfer your internet radio station with us.


We would like to acknowledge several technologies and companies. With their software and technology, they made our products significantly inexpensive yet invaluable. To enumerate, the Azuracast team for their awesome software. Cloudflare company for providing the SSL certificates and CDN. Lastly, WordPress and the plugin developers. Such as WooCommerce, Awesome Support, Yoast SEO and many more…

Without them, we could not have create this idea of providing people a reliable and cost-effective radio streaming servers.

How to get started with AzuraCast?

How to get started with AzuraCast?

How to get started with AzuraCast?

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Would you like to create your initial Internet Radio Station?

Below is a quick tutorial that will certainly give you a clue how does it function as well as what do you require to start.

There are 2 methods of streaming online. You can broadcast live from your computer system or upload files onto the web server as well as usage AutoDJ. If you intend to go with the live alternative, you require to set up live broadcasting software program.

If you like to upload files onto the server and also make use of AutoDJ, all you require is an internet browser. You do not require to set up any kind of extra software program. Using the AutoDJ attribute, your Radio Terminal can transmit 24/7 even when your computer is turned off.

It is additionally possible to combine both techniques. Utilize AutoDJ to maintain your Radio Station on the internet 24h and also go live anytime you want to!

  1. Your server account will be created immediately, right after our system registers the very first payment. You will receive all log-in qualifications by email. Utilize them to access AzuraCast Control Panel of your Radio Server.
  2. If you have a web server package with the AutoDJ feature, begin by enabling the AutoDJ function.

Enable autodj

3. Upload your tracks onto the server and create playlists.

To learn more concerning playlists and AutoDJ, checked our updating playlist tutorial as well as uploading your data to AutoDJ tutorial.

When you have actually published tracks and also developed at least one playlist you can start the web server.

4. If you have a Web server package without the AutoDJ function you can avoid the actions 2 and 3.

To broadcast real-time, check Live Resource Connection details for your web server as well as configure your broadcasting software application:

To see exactly how to configure your broadcasting software application please inspect an overview for the software program that you make use of here.

5. Share the WebPlayer link with your prospective audiences or embed the Radio Player iFrame Widget on your website. If you want to make your radio station a lot more mobile friendly, get customized mobile responsive website that can be used by your audiences on their mobile phones.

How to manage your radio station online and increase listeners?

How to manage your radio station online and increase listeners?

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You may have asked yourself why does your Web Radio Terminal have handful of audiences. Yet the question you should be asking on your own is if you advertise it properly. Primarily the audience is not searching for specifically your terminal. They seek something to pay attention to, that will certainly match their passion. Exactly how to make it so your station comes up in their searches?

Making Your Online Radio Station Listener-Friendly

I. Calling your stream

You have your very own Web Radio Terminal, based on SHOUTcast or ICEcast server. Initial thing you must do is to think about your Stream Call. Make sure that it suggests what web content you stream and creates a brand name for your station. Check if the name you wish to utilize is not taken and if it is simple to keep in mind, since that is what will appear when the audiences inspect the SHOUTcast or ICEcast directory site.

II. Web content

When producing your own Web Radio Terminal, define your target audience. This will certainly assist you with setting up proper material for your stream and searching for listeners.

Make certain that your terminal has a stable broadcasting timetable, that a listener can conveniently comply with. And that the content of that schedule is evenly put throughout the day, to ensure that it maintains the audiences tuned in to your Online Radio. Maintain it interesting as well as approximately date, otherwise the listeners will obtain tired and switch to a various stream.

III. Internet site

It’s good for your station to have a web site. Such Online Radio Web site will function like a business card for your Terminal, it is excellent to make it as easy to use as feasible and ensure to put a wonderful WebPlayer there as well. You require to bear in mind that the choice to listen to your stream ought to be noticeable, as well as very easy to locate. It is also good for your listeners if you place the schedule on your internet site, in this manner they will have the ability to see when to tune in to locate content that is one of the most fascinating for them.

IV. Social Media

Social network are now a big component of the net, and usually what is leading as well as what is not, is specified there. Having a Facebook follower web page and/or a Twitter represent your Web Radia Station will make it a lot more listener-friendly and also will aid you keep a steady as well as growing area. The WebPlayer that we supply, can be installed within your Facebook fan web page also.

V. Mobile App

Last thing to state in this part of our write-up is the Mobile Application. In contemporary times people want to pay attention to their much-loved music as well as Radio Stations anywhere they are. A well developed Mobile App will undoubtedly aid them do that, as it supplies you the opportunity to contact your audiences via Press Notifications and also give them their much-loved programs as podcasts. So it’s an advantage to get too.

Web Radio Directories

What is an Online Radio Directory Site? A Radio Directory is a listing of categorised Web Radio Terminals basing on categories so an audience can search for as well as tune into the content they want with ease. It’s an excellent place to be located because of this directory sites are an ideal source for music enthusiasts to find brand-new as well as old tracks, spiritual stations to spread their message, or live talk reveals concerning existing events and affairs. To be noticeable in the web, you will certainly need to register your terminal in stream directories. The even more, the better. Here are five of the most preferred ones.

1. TuneIn

The most prominent one, available in the internet, right after the iTunes. TuneIn gives an excellent quantity of terminals that are very easy to locate. They offer a mobile application as well. Signing up there, as well as providing information on web content of your Web Radio Station will definitely place you right into the limelight. Make certain to mark it under correct styles as well as classifications, to make sure that your listeners-to-be discover it conveniently.

2. iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is a preferred Radio Directory site that will definitely assist you broaden your listeners amount, nevertheless at the very same time, it is a bit tough to obtain provided there. Not due to the fact that you will need a specialistic understanding on some particular topic, but due to the fact that they are very careful on what they note.

3. Windows Media Radio

Another incredibly popular Net Radio Directory site. It’s much easier to obtain noted there than in iTunes, but you still need to survive acceptation procedure.

4. StreamingThe.Net

A great place to register your Online Radio Station as it supports both Net Radio Streams and Video Clip Streaming. It’s additionally simple to obtain detailed there, as all you need to do, is to complete the form.


This Web Radio Directory is advised as it has a straightforward form to get listed there as well as is easy to browse via. So it can be a great source of audiences for your Online Radio.

Marketing Your Online Radio Station.

The last essential thing to discuss right here is marketing. To get great amounts of listeners you can start getting promotions and sharing your station. Just how and also where, you might ask. To start with, you can obtain the advertisements posted on social networks, like Facebook, which lets you select the designated audience for your advertisements.

With little quantity of money you can quickly reach out to your target market. When it involves advertising and marketing on social media sites, you can likewise join groups which belong to the kind of you station and collect people that would possibly have an interest in your stream, as well as contacting fan web pages that share the same passion as your station, to be promoted by them, by straightforward sharing your station or sustaining you by offering interesting web content.

If you have a bit more cash saved up, you can also invest in marketing supplied by Google. This will give bigger audience as well as help you far better target your ads, by either keywords or basic remarketing (showing advertisements to individuals that have visited your website a minimum of when).