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Why choose Internet Radio Cast on VPS to host your internet streaming radio?

Our plans are all for VIP clients starting at $15.

Thanks to all our partners because without them, we can’t offer a very competitive pricing structure! Amazingly, you already have 320kbps audio bitrate, unlimited listeners and 25GB autodj if needed for a very low price!

The old CentovaCast vs the modern AzuraCast

Needless to say, GUI like comparison, AzuraCast is better than Centova Cast. I am sorry guys :).

You can check the reporting tab of AzuraCast, the maps view is simple to look at with all the details you wanted. Not confusing at all. Unlike in Centova Cast, in their recent update… they have removed Google maps for listeners stats.

You have a VPS streaming server. That's a big advantage already!

Traditional servers have up to 200 clients shared in one streaming server. That means, less reliable and prone to database and memory overload because of the average users per server.

With our VPS from Digital Ocean and Amazon Lightsail deployed around the world, we only permit 2-3 maximum users per VPS streaming server. That means, the reliability is far greater than the former.

We implemented web hooks that actually works!

  • TuneIn AIR – Send song metadata changes to TuneIn.
  • Twitter Post – Automatically send a tweet.
  • Discord Webhook – Automatically send a customized message to your Discord server.

And couple of more ways to promote your radio stations!

Our Partners and Platforms that makes Internet Radio Cast on VPS possible!

The VIP Plan for just $15/month

Your internet streaming radio is hosted on a VPS droplet rather than the traditional shared server. Additionally, the control panel is using the modern AzuraCast rather using the archaic Centova Cast. Recently, Centova Cast removed Google maps for listeners stats. But on AzuraCast, we have the built maps feature for listeners stats. See image to appreciate it.

320kbps audio bitrate

Unlimited listeners

With or without 25GB SSD autodj space

ShoutCast v2 or IceCast v2

The modern AzuraCast panel

VPS servers available in 4 different continents

Unlimited listeners

320kbps audio bitrate

Autodj space starts at 50GB Solid state drive (SSD)

The modern AzuraCast panel

ShoutCast v2 or IceCast v2

VPS servers available in 4 different continents

The Custom VIP Plan starting at $20/month

If you need more space, then we provide more space for you in our customized VIP plan. Choose the right one for you! Whether you want 50GB space or up to 80GB SSD space. Moreover, if you want a much powerful VPS server, we can increase the memory and virtual CPUs too. All VIP plans customized just for you.

The Reseller VIP Plan starts at $85/month

Are you planning to provide internet radio stations to your local area or places nearby? Then the reseller package is made for you. With powerful VPS specs, creating radio stations via AzuraCast is as easy as 1-2-3. With up to 320GB SSD space, you can create 40 stations or possibly more. So avail now this awesome way to host your internet streaming radio stations.

Starts at 8GB RAM, 4 vCPUs, 160GB SSD and 5TB

Up to 320kbps audio bitrate and Unlimited listeners

Up to 40 client accounts

ShoutCast v2 or IceCast v2 on AzuraCast panel

VPS servers available in 4 different continents

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mode of Payment?
  • We only accept 3rd party payment gateway, PayPal. We don't collect and store payment information in the website. Instead clients are redirected to PayPal website for payments.
I already paid via PayPal. What's next?
Do you offer radio mobile apps also?

Unfortunately, no. But if you have existing mobile apps, you can simply update the streaming url to your new url from In this way, both old and new customers will be listening to your new radio station.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do. For 7 days or up to 15 days, we allow our new clients to test and evaluate our AzuraCast VPS streaming server.

Do you have a free web player?
  • Yes, AzuraCast offers a free web player. It is found on your public page. The web player is generic and the has same design with any other AzuraCast web players. However, the player can be customized with some minor css style modification.
Do you customized or create white labelled web players?

Yes we do. For just $90 one time, we create professional look web players. Pre-requisites are domain name and web hosting server. If you have none of those 2, we also provide them for a minimal fee. Courtesy from our business partner, Wordpress websites for just $200.

Do you offer refunds?
  • Yes but only before 24 hours of purchase. Also the reversal fee must be handled by the client himself. That means, a full refund is not possible, since PayPal is deducting a reversal fee for every refund. Total amount to be refunded depends on PayPal's reversal fee.
Do you back up our files and folders?
  • Yes, we take snapshots of the entire VPS itself weekly. If you request for backups, we will provide you the files within 2 days of retrieval.
  • Additionally, for suspended accounts, we are giving clients 1 month to download all files inside his station before we delete the station. As virtual cloud servers are pay per use transaction.


What People Are Saying

I am happy to to have found Ernest and his website and radio hosting services. The quality of my radio is much better than what is being offered by other famous radio hosting sites. Though it is just $15 monthly, he gave me additionally 15% discount as well. Azuracast is quite convenient and he helped me to set up everything. All we need to do, is to note the server link from here and link it to your player.

For this price, the quality and memory RADIOCASTVPS offers is a catch. Never look else where.

AK and VJ

Business owners, Japan Tamil Radio

Firstly after months & months of searching for a reputable host, to host my radio station i found this gem Radio Cast my search is officially over! Brilliant packages, 24hr help, no glitches and i have recommended them to friends and family. There is not enough stars to mark them, the only problem is, is that it took me this long to find them, Look no further you have it all with Radio Cast!


Owner, E.G.I.M RADIO

Radiocast is awesome to work with. They have gone above and beyond to help with all my questions and requests. I have three of the VIP plans with them because of the customer service I receive. If you are on the fence, take the leap. Azura cast is easy.


Owner, Frequency Shift and Bassline

I really Love the way you made your tutorials and how you helped me to setup my internet Radio station, You are humble, respectful and patient. I love your service and will recommend to many people.


Owner, Love God Radio

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