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Here you can find tutorials that will guide you when starting and managing your Internet Radio Station. We provide screenshots and explain step by step how to use the Azuracast control panel, configure live broadcasting software and do everything that is necessary to let listeners enjoy your Radio Station.

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Video Tutorial: How to auto-login to your Azuracast server?

Video Tutorial: How to get started with AzuraCast?


Reseller Video Tutorial: How to create radio station, user account and user permission

Video Tutorial: How to connect your Broadcasting service to a Shoutcast installed AzuraCast panel


Video Tutorial: How to add an Album Artwork cover image for your song in Azuracast

Video tutorial: How to create an AzuraCast station with IceCast or Shoutcast service


Our Blog and Tutorials

How to Submit a Ticket?

Do you know how to submit a ticket already? If not, then it's good news to our customers, getting help is made even easier here at Internet Radio Cast on VPS. If you have any concerns or inquiries, you can always contact us via chat (the floating...

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Free Twitter Post Web Hook – How to Create One?

Today's Lesson: Automatically Tweet your Radio Tracks in Twitter.To allow Twitter to tweet your current songs, you must have the following:  Twitter developer account Twitter API keys and tokens Azuracast subscription Step one: Create a web hook in...

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How to configure VPS to stream online radio shows?

This tutorial will guide you in installing AzuraCast in your VPS and also how to remotely connect your broadcasting software successfully. First of all, what is AzuraCast? Worth to mention, that AzuraCast is a self-hosted web radio management suite...

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