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Do you know how to submit a ticket already? If not, then it’s good news to our customers, getting help is made even easier here at Internet Radio Cast on VPS.

If you have any concerns or inquiries, you can always contact us via chat (the floating bubble). However, in such times, the chat support is unavailable and/or problems need to be monitored daily. For that reason, we provide a new form of communication. And that is the use of ticket form submission.

So how can you submit a ticket properly?

1. On the secondary navigation located at the top right, click the submit ticket menu.
2. As a result, this will then redirect you to the submission page.

  • While on the page, enter your credentials and log in.

While on this page, you can also check all your previous tickets. Just click the “My tickets” button on the top left.

3. Also in the form, add your subject and briefly explain the problem and why you need help. And then, choose the product you needed help.

  • All 3 fields are necessary.
  • The 4th field which is uploading of supporting documents is not necessary. However, it is essential to understanding the issue.

4. Finally, click the submit ticket button to send your concerns to our support team immediately.

Upon receiving your request.

  • Certainly, replies will be in less than 24 hours or as soon as possible.
  • Even more, investigation of the issue will start immediately.

Also take note that the deletion of images will take effect immediately, once tickets are closed.

Thanks to Awesome Support for providing this plugin.