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Our company has become one of the most competitive radio streaming providers in the market today!

Modern feel AzuraCast panel

Faster Nginx Server

All high end quality stations

Inexpensive price

SSL and CDN protected streaming servers

Invaluable support team

So how do we differ from traditional competitors?

Prior to this business, we developed WordPress web sites and web players for radio stations around the world. Until such time, we decided to open up our own web development company. We then focused on creating and managing WordPress web sites. Eventually, we decided to expand our business as a radio streaming provider. Because most of our first few clients are radio station owners. In order to value our customers, we offer them inexpensive, high end quality radio streaming servers at a lower prices!

Firstly, the Azuracast Control Panel

Azuracast is progressive in redefining its interface to adapt to the technology surrounding it. Unlike their competition, whose control panels are quite outdated already. The modern feel Azuracast has continuously evolved to make it even more simple and easy to use. With the modern feel and easy navigation control panel, Azuracast will be fun to operate with.

Secondly, we are a radio streaming provider of faster and reliable servers

During the release of Docker last 2013, engineers of Azuracast gradually embraced this awesome technology. Eventually, Azuracast becomes a much faster and more reliable Docker installed Nginx server.

Comparatively, other radio providers, update their servers longer. In fact, at some cases it would take hours and/or even days, if problem exist. Unlike with Azuracast, updates will just take in less than a few minutes. For the most part, you won’t worry too much at all!

In particular, we are a radio station provider of HIGH END STATIONS

Here at Internet Radio Cast on VPS, we are not limiting our customers. In particular, audio bitrate and listeners limitation by default will be user-based. Even radio stations start with an SSD storage space at 25GB. So as long as the servers can handle such traffic and requirements. With all these features at very low price, the company almost gives it to you for FREE! To emphasize, all plans are high end but at low prices.


By default, all our stations are configured with SSL certification and Cloud distribution network (CDN). Therefore, it provides our customers with the utmost server security and reliability. Surprisingly, we don’t charge extra. In fact, renewal of security certificates is automatic. You won’t notice any downtime related to this issue at all.


As a radio streaming provider, we understand your budget needs. So for this reason, our company only offer 2 VIP plans. A price of $15/month and $20/month respectively.

Above all, Invaluable customer support

Here at our company, we strive hard to do our best. In fact, some of our customers gave us positive recommendations in our Facebook page. Generally speaking, our goal is to make our customers satisfied at all time. By all means, we won’t ignore their request. Making sure that we will reply to all their inquiries. For instance, our customers can easily relay their problems by submitting a ticket. Furthermore, we response to them as soon as possible.

In conclusion

As you can see the table, the comparison is a no brainer. Certainly, our streaming servers are far beyond advantageous than most traditional streaming providers.

Traditional Competitors
Shared server with up to 200 users
Slower Apache Server
none SSL streaming URLs
Offers low quality stations
Archaic design Centova Cast
Google maps stat for listeners was removed
Our VPS radio streaming server
Dedicated cloud server per 1 user or 2-3 max
Faster Nginx Server
SSL and CDN protected streaming URLS
Decent price
All high quality stations
Modern feel Azuracast
With built-in maps for listerners stats

CentovaCast panel

AzuraCast panel

To put it another way, we are now in the future of streaming radio servers. So take a leap now, and transfer your internet radio station with us.


We would like to acknowledge several technologies and companies. With their software and technology, they made our products significantly inexpensive yet invaluable. To enumerate, the Azuracast team for their awesome software. Cloudflare company for providing the SSL certificates and CDN. Lastly, WordPress and the plugin developers. Such as WooCommerce, Awesome Support, Yoast SEO and many more…

Without them, we could not have create this idea of providing people a reliable and cost-effective radio streaming servers.