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Our Company is growing and increasing clients from around the world. And because of that, we expand our capabilities of providing remote servers to different continents. Specifically, Vultr will be providing Australian cloud servers for our Australian and New Zealand clients. And while we plan to use UpCloud to focus on the European market.


According to them, it’s the world’s fastest cloud servers. We can’t deny it to the fact that indeed their servers are fast and reliable. Installed with Azuracast, your radio station will definitely be more faster and reliable than any traditional streaming servers. Of course, the prices will stay the same. Starting at $15/month, you will have up to 320kbps audio bitrate, unlimited listeners and 25GB autodj space. Try it now and don’t miss the opportunity!


Currently, it’s our only cloud server that offers Australian data server location. And because of it, we are able to provide internet radio stations for our Australian clients and nearby countries. At the same price, you will benefit exactly the same high quality bitrate and unlimited listeners. Once again, grab the opportunity!


With these additional cloud service providers, we are now confident enough to provide our clients the most reliable servers. And the availability of these servers are just a click of the button. Additionally, our WordPress hosting services also benefits with these new providers. As we can expand the locations of our web hosting too. In no time, we will create and configure your internet radio streaming servers and/or web hosting servers immediately after your order has been completed!