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A. General Terms and Conditions 

  1. By ordering any service from us, Internet Radio Cast on VPS, you as the CUSTOMER accepts the Terms of Service and accepts all regulations made by me.
  2. The TOS will be the basis of any disputes that might be raised by the customer against me.
  3. The company will not be liable for any damage or loss suffered by the Customer, resulting from the VPS server’s unavailability, malfunction or the the ignorance or incompetence of a customer.
  4. The company will not be liable for the loss of the content of the server, including but not limited to uploaded files and settings made by the Customer.
  5. The main contact email is [email protected]. You can directly send me an email or just use the contact forms found in each page of the website.
  6. For now, The company provides support via chat, email and submission of ticket only.
  7. To contact support, requirements are the email address and first name only.

B. Technical Conditions of Service

  1. The company will make a backup of the server free of charge. One snapshot per week or as requested. However, it is not guaranteed that it would be the latest one that the customer wanted.
  2. The Customer is entitled to use SFTP in uploading bulk files. The company don’t provide FTP for security purposes.
  3. The Customer has the right to change the details of the Server, such as the port number, stream links, broadcasting service (Shoutcast or Icecast), etc as needed.
  4. Any non-standard features, adjustments and changes to the server, an additional $5 as one time fee is required.
  5. The company will provide notification prior to updating the server and its content. If in case, the server won’t work, The company will restore the backup and find a solution for the next update/upgrade schedule.
  6. The company don’t automatically suspend servers, instead we will notify customers of the condition that may happened, 3-5 days prior.

C. Billing, Payments and Refund

  1. The website will only store the required field such as the first name, country of origin and email address of the customer in order to buy a plan from me. Other fields are optional and not required.
  2. In case for a removal request of the fields stated above, we will delete the informations immediately and will notify the customer once done.
  3. All Servers are pre-paid and will be delivered after the customer pays.
  4. The payments are made via PayPal gateway using PayPal standard, PayPal express and PayPal as Invoice.
  5. The price on the invoice is considered as final.
  6. No refund will be made after 24 hours of payment. Additionally, refund will not be 100%, instead it will be based on PayPal’s reversal fees. Total payment deducted by several fees equals the total refund.
  7. The company only accept payment in US dollars. Any deduction comping from PayPal is not our liability.
  8. The customer has the right to change the billing cycle from monthly to yearly and vice versa.
  9. The customer has the option to pay automatically by the use of automatic subscription feature of PayPal. The customer can cancel it anytime without notification. They will aisle responsible for managing the subscriptions.
  10. Upon request of the customer, The company can remove the automatic payment set it PayPal. Also before the due date, we will send a reminder through invoice or email that an automatic subscription payment is on the way.
  11. When the Customer cancels the Service before the end of the Billing Period, the customer agrees to lose the fee that cannot be prorated anymore.

D. Suspension & Deleting of Server

  1. Suspension of server will take effect after 5 days of ignoring the payment due and after the customer receives the email notification.
  2. The server will be terminated after one month of suspension.
  3. If the customer wants to reactivate the server, an additional of $5 activation fee will take effect to cover the server’s backup storage fee.
  4. An invoice will be generated 1 day prior to the due date. The customer has 5 days grace period after the due date to pay the balance due.

E. Streaming Content

  1. The company will not be liable for the content transmitted, broadcasted and/or published by the Customer.
  2. The Customer is responsible for having all licenses, entitlements and agreements to legally broadcast as well as for covering all required royalties.
  3. The content of the Customer’s broadcast should not contain, or provide references to anything illegal. Additionally, they cannot upload, collect or share any illegal files using the Service.
  4. Additionally, for Shoutcast Customers: Please review also the Shoutcast Terms of use.

E. Mobile App

  1. The company will not be liable for the content transmitted, broadcasted and/or published by the Customer using his/her mobile app.
  2. Submission of requirements is only up to 1 month. In case the customer has forgotten or deliberately ignored the requirement, the company has the right to forfeit the transaction. The customer is still entitled for a 50% refund only, to cover the processing fee and time spent.
  3. The turnover of the final version of the Mobile app is 2-4 weeks after the submission of requirements is done. Depending on how many orders, we are making.

*Additional information and resolutions regarding processing of the Customer’s Personal Data are available at, https://www.radiocastvps.com/privacy-policy/

*The TOS become effective as of the 26th of October, 2018.