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With Azuracast and VPS, Internet Radio Cast on VPS is one of the most competitive radio streaming provider in the market today!

Modern feel AzuraCast panel

Faster Nginx Server

All high end quality stations

Inexpensive price

Dedicated cloud server per user

SSL and CDN protected streaming URLS

Well, we started with creating WordPress sites and web players for radio station websites sometime this year. And since most of our first few clients are radio station owners, we decided to expand our business to include VPS hosted radio streaming servers. And because of that, we offered them a much better, high quality radio streaming server at a lower price! A very cost effective solution.

So how do we differ from most of the traditional competitors?

As you can see the table, the comparison is a no brainer actually. Obviously, our VPS hosted streaming radio, is far beyond advantageous than most of the traditional streaming radio providers.

Traditional Competitors
Shared server with up to 200 users
Slower Apache Server
none SSL streaming URLs
Offers low quality stations
Archaic design Centova Cast
Google maps stat for listeners was removed
Our VPS radio streaming server
Dedicated cloud server per 1 user or 2-3 max
Faster Nginx Server
SSL and CDN protected streaming URLS
Decent price
All high quality stations
Modern feel Azuracast
With built-in maps for listerners stats

CentovaCast panel

AzuraCast panel

Notably, we are now in the future of streaming radio servers. So take a leap now and transfer your internet radio station with us and join us in taking a step forward with this awesome development about radio streaming servers!